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BAT is evolving at pace - truly like no other organisation.

To achieve the ambition, we have set for ourselves, we are looking for colleagues who are ready to live our ethos every day. Come be a part of this journey!

BAT UK IS LOOKING FOR AN UNDERGRADUATE INTERN – Engineer - fixed term 12 months

SENIORITY LEVEL: Internship 2023-2024

FUNCTION: Electronics & Software Engineering


LOCATION: Southampton



What are the key objectives and expectations from this role? 

To support associated Technology Blocks in development, testing, data analysis and report findings.


Within the New Categories R&D department we research, develop and assess next generation technologies and products. Previous students working within the team have proved to be an extremely important member of the development workstreams, tasked with undertaking critical and complex investigations necessary to support our Product Development Plans. In return they also gained significant experience in specialty areas which could benefit for their future career. This is why we propose to have interns to join the team in the upcoming year.

The overall expectation is for the intern to be able to work together with engineers, scientist and developers in a team and undertake specific tasks.


  • Utilise skills and experience given through the job training in development and prototyping, contributing towards a finalised solution that meets all projects and business requirements and expectations and using them for sensory and or consumer testing;
  • Test and qualify devices, consumables, prototypes and test fixtures to ensure key performance aspects are met;
  • Diagnostic testing to root cause the issue on existing product and drafting reports for further assessment and resolution;
  • Analyse data produced from testing to form conclusions and make recommendations;
  • Explore, read and review documentation for use with method development and suitability studies;
  • Support communications with BAT’s internal teams and development partners to demonstrate how they satisfy the defined project requirements;
  • Provide regular project/workstream management updates and tracking progress towards milestones;
  • Problem-solve any identified issues whenever possible and escalate them;
  • Develop test method for new systems;
  • Present findings to wider teams;
  • Assist with the protection of innovations to securing IP by liaising with the LEX department;
  • Assist the lab manager for the maintenance and service of the relevant test equipment;
  • Other workstreams that is needed by the team.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Science, or Engineering;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft office applications such as Word, Excel, Access and Outlook;
  • Hands on approach with electronics and firmware and willing to learn new skills of building and testing electronics solutions (soldering components, debug using various tools, etc);
  • Good learning attitude and openminded;
  • Self-management skills.


The key tasks that the Intern will be assigned and its aims are:

  • A portfolio of work and activity that will cover at least 1 solely owned project in which they will be responsible and accountable for against a set of given deliverables. This will drive project management skills and working to deadlines and budgets
  • Participate in the solution discussion both with internal teams and external suppliers
  • Familiarise with corresponded testing equipment and test methodology therefore be able to carry out proper engineering and science test validation for solutions
  • Explore specific technology needed by the team, carry out the design and validation work
  • Other coordination work or documentation tasks
  • Supporting activities in both lab/ workshop and office to support the wider team in delivering team goals and objectives. This will enhance communication and leadership skills
  • Presentations and communication to various audiences. This will develop and enhance presentation skills and confidence and understanding relevant audience needs
  • Integration into the team as a full member of the team to gain business acumen and feel for workplace working and appreciation of rapidly changing business environments


The intern will take away from the experience:

  • Exploration of the depth of a design from engineering and science disciplines perspectives
  • Using BAT device development process as model to learn about how industry approaches a technical solution in a large scale
  • An understanding of R&D in a fast-moving consumer goods company
  • Good communication and management skills
  • An understanding of how new devices / technologies are developed and optimised.
  • An understanding of how success criteria are established for a new technology and how development work needs to be organized to achieve this including an understanding that several solutions may need to be tested before the feasible solution is found
  • An understanding of project management within R&D and how to achieve project goals
  • Opportunities to take ownership of project workstreams, and take responsibility for deliverables
  • Importance of networking for exposure to different areas of the business
  • Understanding the importance of stewardship and robust research and reporting
  • Understanding that technical roles in R&D and importance of creativity
  • An understanding of the importance of independent and team working ethics


The successful intern will be Measured against BAT’s behaviours and performance evaluation process of 2 evaluation periods for both Business impact and Personal development over the intern period.

Progress and expectations will be addressed by regular ‘1-to-1’ meetings with both line manager and assigned mentor.

Updates and reporting back to University tutors will be required and is a two way process to ensure BAT’s needs and the University needs are being met.

Activities for intern placements will be tailored as far as possible to meet course needs but the intern will be expected to be flexible in approach to a diverse range of needs in this team and its broad portfolio of projects.


At BAT we are committed to our Purpose of creating A Better Tomorrow. This is what drives our people and our passion for innovation. See what is possible for you at BAT.

  • Global Top Employer with 53,000 BAT people across more than 180 markets
  • Brands sold in over 200 markets, made in 44 factories in 42 countries
  • Newly established Tech Hubs building world-class capabilities for innovation in 4 strategic locations
  • Diversity leader in the Financial Times and International Women’s Day Best Practice winner
  • Seal Award winner – one of 50 most sustainable companies


Collaboration, diversity and teamwork underpin everything we do here at BAT. We know that collaborating with colleagues from different backgrounds is what makes us stronger and best prepared to meet our business goals. Come bring your difference!

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