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  • Ensure proper specification and BOMs of products (FG, semi FG and materials) and proper data management are in place in accordance with BAT requirements and legal standards
  • Maintain data in various product management systems, e.g. EHS, RD, MM, etc.
  • Ensure that all additives and materials used for cigarette production in Factory are PSC approved.
  • Continuously monitor performance of existing products to ensure that product specifications deliver desired outcomes in terms of smoking and physical quality and manufacturing efficiency. 
  • Drive the continuous improvement of product (FG, semi FG and materials).
  • Investigate process optimization opportunities, develop and submit relevant recommendations to Product Department and factory Production Management
  • Assure periodic processes capability reviews and improvements implementation
  • Collect all the necessary information from Supply Chain (i.e. Nexus, Plan), Legal and CORA departments to ensure on time delivery and legal compliance of on-line labels
  • Manage Factory product complexity via optimized resource utilization, harmonization of production materials and in line with global guidelines and standards and drive product standardization and product complexity reduction
  • Ensure that a safe working environment & equipment are maintained, delivering EHS objective and targets.


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