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JOB TITLE: Flavour Hub Manager


FUNCTION: Marketing R&D

SUB FUNCTION: New Categories, R&D

CITY & COUNTRY: Malang, Indonesia


What are the key objectives and expectations from this role?  

The Flavour Hub Manager leads the operations of the Indonesia Flavour Hub as part of the Global Flavour Centre of Excellence (FCoE) as a flavour laboratory and service centre. The Flavour Hub will – in partnership with the Flavorists in the FCoE and respective Product Development and Deployment teams – provide operational flavour support for the Group.

Reports to

Head of Flavour Development & Operations

Number of Direct Reports

Up to 2

Core Relationships

Internal Head of Flavours & Flavour CoE team, Global Product Discovery, Development & Deploy teams and Flavour Manufacturing sites. DRBU Product teams, Analytical Science, Consumer Product Safety, Product Compliance, Research Support Services, SP&I, Commercial Team, Patents/Legal, Procurement

ExternalFlavour houses and flavour suppliers and 3rd Party Development Partners

Geographic Scope 

Global support role


(please provide a list of typical accountabilities to be performed. Please avoid unfamiliar acronyms, project names or BAT jargon and ensure terminology is external market friendly. Please prioritise the most critical accountabilities and reflect them within the first 8 points)  

  • Enable efficient Flavour Lab management, including but not limited to raw materials inventory, documentation, laboratory equipment, EH&S responsibilities, budget, and expense management.
  • Deliver Casing & Flavour preparation from formulations shared by the Flavourists for Pilot Plant production and/or sample manufacture, including but not limited to shipping/Export and delivery and documentation completion
  • Enable efficient commercialisation of Flavours, transitioning from Flavour Development Team through outsourcing of formulations to 3rd party Flavour Suppliers
  • Deliver Casing & Flavour Specification creation in TaO and Handel from information received from the Flavourists
  • Provide Factory support – Technical support, PDS & SDS, contingencies, cleaning procedures, local casing manufacturing and support Casing & Flavour complexity reduction programmes collaborating with the Flavour Development Team
  • Enabling Productivity – support of new supplier qualifications, EM support for Brand Migration / Delist opportunities and write-off avoidance assessment.
  • Provide Regulatory Support for Product Compliance & Consumer Product Safety
  • Deliver efficient planning of the Hub Team resource and prioritisation


ESSENTIAL(please provide only criteria considered to be ‘must haves’)

Experience Required

(Please put the most critical information in the first 2 points

  • Significant experience (5 years+) in laboratory management in relevant consumer good industry
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively with multi-functional partners such as marketing and product development and to smooth internal processes and barriers across global and regional levels.
  • Proven excellent project management, time management, team collaboration, and organizational skills
  • Proven track record in developing and maintaining supplier relationships.
  • Emerging and developed markets experience

Technical / Functional / Leadership Skills Required

(Please put the most critical information and reflect it in the first 4 points)

  • A working knowledge and awareness of flavours; flavour preparation & flavour prototyping
  • Strong managerial/leadership skills, with a proven ability to lead/motivate team members, monitoring performance and ensuring high quality outputs across global and regional levels
  • Able to influence and coordinate cross-functional teams, including internal and key external partnerships, critical in the delivery of programmes and initiatives to ensure the most effective use of internal/external resource/expertise
  • Laboratory and analytical expertise to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures and laboratory best practice
  • Training, developing and supporting the capabilities of Flavour Technicians.
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent people developer and technical coach
  • Ability to influence key stakeholders at a very senior level

Education / Qualifications / Certifications Required

(Please put the most critical information and reflect it in the first 2 points)

  • Chemistry and/or Analytical qualifications or certification
  • Project Management qualifications

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